Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Can't understand a ridiculously long formula?

Hey I never knew this until I read it in this blog after referencing a post by the same author in my last blog.....just highlight each bit of the formula you don't understand and press F9 and it will evaluate it for you. Undo it (Ctrl + Z) and move onto the next bit or maybe a smaller bit if you still don't understand the value its giving you.

Remarkably handy as even I don't understand what half the formulas do in my Xbrl sheets. I'd love to make them simpler but the trade off is more columns and sheets to track or worse macros ,where whats going becomes even more opaque.

Talking of macros, its kinda like using Shift + F9 to evaluate an expression when debugging one.

At least in formulas the logic is on display for all to see. And now you don't have to bust a brain cell to work out what each bit is doing. You can just press F9 and see.

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