Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Beware cut and paste is not the same as copy and paste

Of course its not! But you might think it was if you then delete the cell you just copied. Wrong! If you move the cell via a cut or a drag, it will drag any references in formulas to the cell with it. Sometimes this is actually what you want to happen but a lot of the time its not. And you won't now anything about it! Until you open your sheet weeks later and wonder why your formulas are riddled with Ref! errors.

You may already be aware of this through bitter experience or you may have read one of the many warnings posted on the web. This article is a particularly good explanation of the what and the why.

So if in doubt, always copy and paste then delete the original reference. If you are using our TotaliZd product (coming soon), then be careful how you move your tags around. Copy & Paste!

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